Real-Time Domain Registration Streaming | WhoisXML API

Real-Time Domain Registration Streaming

Stream well-parsed domain data into your systems to get immediate insights and act on high-priority events.

Get data feeds of newly registered, discovered, updated, or dropped domains, along with their WHOIS data, in real-time 24x7x365.

Domain Registration Streaming service
11 domains+Streamed every second
800,000+Events streamed daily
7,596+TLDs and ccTLDs tracked
52,000+Satisfied customers

How Do You Track Round-the-Clock Internet Domain Registrations as They Happen Every Second?


Every minute, hundreds of domain names are registered, updated, or left to expire around the world. Such a fast-paced environment requires real-time attention to respond effectively to cyber threats, customer needs, untapped market opportunities, and other Internet-driven insights. A mere 24-hour gap between domain registration activities and data delivery can be highly costly. Malicious domains may already be lurking in networks, customers may already have taken their business elsewhere, and market opportunities may no longer be relevant.


The world demands quick responses and fast decision-making based on accurate and complete data. Real-time domain registration and ownership information delivered immediately to organizations’ tech ecosystems enables relevant users and stakeholders to detect suspicious properties, block access to malicious resources, identify emerging market trends, find unmet customer needs, and observe competitor activities, among other strategic use cases.

How Do You Track Round-the-Clock Internet Domain Registrations as They Happen Every Second?


  • Real-time streaming

    The wait is over. Domain Registration Streaming provides real-time domain and WHOIS data at the speed of 11 domains streamed per second as they get registered, dropped, or changed.

  • Support all major gTLDs, new gTLDs, country TLDs

    Check out our complete coverage of generic top-level domains (TLDs), including .com, .net, .org, .us, and .info; country-code TLDs (ccTLDs), including .uk, .fr, .cn, and .ru; and second-level domains (ccSLDs), such as,,,,, and

  • Round-the-clock coverage

    Get daily access to about 250,000 newly registered and 340,000 recently expired domains streamed 24x7x365.

  • Consistent

    All the WHOIS information is well-parsed and normalized to a consistent format to enable easy integration into business operations.

The Internet Doesn’t Sleep, Neither Should Your Domain Registration Data

Delayed data access can lead to multiple missed business opportunities and exploited security loopholes. The WhoisXML API Data Streaming Engine helps you stay on track with continuous and real-time Domain Name System (DNS) event detection enabled by global Internet data sensing and processing.

Real-time Domain Registration Streaming | WhoisXML API

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Practical Usage

The capability to stream new domain registration in real-time takes cybersecurity and business use cases to a whole new level.

Security Platform Enrichment

Security platforms need to provide up-to-date and actionable data to users. Real-time domain registration data enables security platforms to immediately alert users about suspicious newly registered domains (NRDs), including those created using domain generation algorithms (DGAs) and typosquatting domains.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Outdated threat intelligence can provide threat actors windows of opportunity to execute attacks. Our domain data streaming engine can support the early detection of command-and-control (C&C) servers, DGA domains, and other suspicious properties as they get registered, updated, or dropped.

Attack Surface Management (ASM)

DNS-based attack surfaces are bound to grow by the minute. Real-Time Domain Registration Streaming can match the speed at which domain name assets are added and updated, further enabling real-time asset discovery and continuous asset monitoring.

Phishing Detection

Early phishing detection is tantamount to preventing major threats. Streamed domain registration data enables security teams to immediately detect potential phishing domains as they get added, quickly uncover suspicious domain registration patterns, and deepen heuristics used to detect phishing.

Brand Protection

Detecting and blocking cybersquatting domains are critical facets of brand protection. Brand managers and protection platform developers can detect detrimental domains before they are used in counterfeiting, reseller abuse, phishing, business email compromise (BEC) scams, and other nefarious activities.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

The Internet offers a certain level of anonymity that fraudsters and other malicious identities exploit 24x7. Enabling real-time KYC processes is critical to immediately detect synthetic identities, impersonators, and other fraudulent customers before they can abuse services and conduct fraudulent transactions. In-the-moment delivery of domain registration data through streaming can help unmask suspicious personalities.

Third-Party Monitoring

Analyzing third-party risks and business activities, as evidenced by domain data, is a continuous effort. Domain Registration Streaming allows you to immediately detect signs of cybersquatting campaigns targeting the third parties you work with and get clues about business decisions that could affect your relationships and plans, including mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and product launches.

Managed Security Operations Centers (SOCs)

Clients rely on managed SOCs for round-the-clock and customized security operations, which is not possible with outdated data—even that which is only 24 hours behind. With our Domain Registration Streaming service, managed SOCs can match up real-time domain data gathering and enrichment with the critical demands of continuous 24x7x365 network protection.

Investment and Market Research

Trading, marketing, and market trend detection are highly competitive verticals where an edge in data access can make all the difference. Domain Registration Streaming allows traders and marketing professionals to glean time-sensitive insights from publicly traded companies’ domain activities, immediately detect emerging market trend signals, and implement real-time marketing.

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